Bitters and Bile

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- Bitters and Bile -  Humans can survive without a gallbladder, but this organ does much more than we might realize. This article will cover some of the gallbladder’s essential functions, as well as provide recommendations for long-term health of this important, and under-appreciated, organ.  The gallbladder is an organ most people do not give [...]

Are Food Supplements Really Necessary?

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- Are Food Supplements Really Necessary? - Supplementation can cure chronic disease and boost your overall health. Our food supply has fewer nutrients in it now than ever before and many people can benefit from improving their diet with organic, food-based supplements. The supplement business is one of the fastest growing [...]

What People are Saying About Kefir

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- What People are Saying about Kefir: Taken from The Body Ecology Diet  - Kefir has many important benefits for the entire body. It completely stops your cravings for sugar. Imagine the benefits! (See my article Sugar is Not Your Friend.) It aids digestion of all foods and has a toning effect on the intestines, [...]