Are Food Supplements Really Necessary?


- Are Food Supplements Really Necessary? - Supplementation can cure chronic disease and boost your overall health. Our food supply has fewer nutrients in it now than ever before and many people can benefit from improving their diet with organic, food-based supplements. The supplement business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. [...]

A Rejuvenating Magnesium Bath


- A Rejuvenating Magnesium Bath - Do you feel stressed? Are you struggling with a quick temper and finding it hard to see humor in your life? You could be low in magnesium, the mineral that is known for creating calm. Studies show that around 80% of us are! To combat the nasty symptoms of [...]

Sunshine on my Shoulders


- Sunshine on my Shoulders - There is nothing I enjoy more than spending some time in the sun. I remember as a teenager spending the day at the beach with friends, getting a lovely tan, feeling so relaxed and calm. Did I use sunscreen? No, there wasn’t such a thing. But I would walk [...]

Sunshine for Vitamin D


- Sunshine for Vitamin D3 - So you think sunshine is dangerous - think again! We all need sunshine! We evolved in sunshine and fresh air and we are dependent on sunshine for our very existence on every level. Somehow the benefits of sunshine have been forgotten. We now favor sunscreen made with unhealthy chemicals and [...]

What People are Saying About Kefir


- What People are Saying about Kefir: Taken from The Body Ecology Diet  - Kefir has many important benefits for the entire body. It completely stops your cravings for sugar. Imagine the benefits! (See my article Sugar is Not Your Friend.) It aids digestion of all foods and has a toning effect on the intestines, [...]