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- Roundup - In this article, I uncover the chemical burden of using pesticides and how to avoid ingesting these toxic chemicals. Humans. We are beautifully designed biological creatures, along with all the biological creatures of this world. But, for the first time in history, we have a really big problem: manufactured chemicals. Chemicals [...]

Big Pharma: A Big Problem

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- Big Pharma: A Big Problem - Many of us, as patients and consumers, do not understand the details of our anatomy. Our complicated physiology is difficult to understand! Our bodies are complex and, as consumers, we tend to take ignorance or confusion and turn to the “experts” rather than educating ourselves. It is tempting [...]

Are GMO Foods Destroying our Health?

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- Are GMO Foods Destroying our Health? - GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are rampant in modern agriculture. Much of our clothing, fuel, food and many of the products we use contain GMO corn, cotton, canola and/or soy. Genetic modifications have been used to create disease and drought-resistant crops that yield greater returns than other crops* [...]

Food Additives – At What Cost?

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- Food Additives – At What Cost? - I have been wanting to write about the importance of choosing foods that are additive-free. Additives include fillers, food dyes, preservatives, and other chemicals added into foods for various reasons. We ingest enormous amounts of these added chemicals in processed foods, but foods considered ‘natural’ like fresh [...]

The AMA’s Outrageous 1995 Edict – Fat Will Make you Fat!

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- The AMA’s Outrageous 1995 Edict – Fat Will Make you Fat! - The height of absurdity regarding the topic of fats occurred when the American Medical Association (1995) released a pamphlet suggesting that humans can eat anything, including sugar, candy, soda, etc. as long as it was low in fat. “To control the amount and kind [...]