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Bitters and Bile

2017-10-28T14:21:42+00:00 Diet and Disorders, Supplementation|

- Bitters and Bile -  Humans can survive without a gallbladder, but this organ does much more than we might realize. This article will cover some of the gallbladder’s essential functions, as well as provide recommendations for long-term health of this important, and under-appreciated, organ.  The gallbladder is an organ most people do not give [...]

Amino Acids are the Unsung Heroes of Mental Health

2017-09-02T21:54:41+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Amino Acids are the Unsung Heroes of Mental Health - Mental health issues are rampant today. Could amino acid deficiencies, caused by poor diet, be the reason why? This article will focus on the building blocks of life: amino acids. I have been paying close attention to amino acids for quite a while now [...]

PPIs, A Cure Worse than the Disease Itself?

2017-09-02T19:01:47+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- PPIs, A Cure Worse than the Disease Itself? - Many people struggle with acid reflux? This all-too common digestive issue is often treated with prescription medication, but long-term healing requires proper nutrition. In this article, I will explain the processes behind reflux and help you understand why drugs are not a good solution. [...]

Potty Talk – Is Gas & Bloating a Problem?

2017-08-30T20:55:59+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Potty Talk - Is Gas & Bloating a Problem? - Hang tight, this article might make you uncomfortable, but it addresses something many people suffer from but few understand how to address: the health of your interiors. If you or someone you know suffers from gastrointestinal distress, please read on and learn about these real and [...]

Are You Pressured Up?

2017-08-31T19:24:31+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Are You Pressured Up? - In this article, I discuss high blood pressure, a common problem for many people. New research shows that what we have been told for years—that salt causes hypertension—may not be so accurate. I also offer some workable alternatives to slashing sodium in your diet. High blood pressure (hypertension) is quite common [...]

What’s Wrong with Superfoods?

2017-08-31T20:02:37+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- What's Wrong with Superfoods? - How is it that some of the healthiest foods in the world can be so unhealthy, and even devastatingly destructive for some people? I’m not talking about deadly food allergies, I’m referring to oxalates. These molecules, found in plant foods in varying levels, are usually not a problem for most people, [...]

Oh! but, Grandmother, What Foggy Brains you Have!

2017-09-02T19:25:13+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Oh! but, Grandmother, What Foggy Brains you Have! - Reduced brain function does not have to be a natural part of aging. Certain foods—sugar in particular—can cause damage to our brain’s tissues and speed up cognitive decline, which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. This New Year, I challenge you to reduce [...]

When Healthy Foods are Not Healthy for You

2017-08-31T21:14:48+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- When Healthy Foods are Not Healthy for You - Both food allergies and food sensitivities can cause big problems but the differences between the two are complicated. In this article I explain the importance of recognizing and addressing food sensitivities, which can lead to a healthy recovery. In my practice, I see plenty of people [...]

Autism: A Brain and Gut Connection

2017-08-31T21:21:34+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Autism: A Brain and Gut Connection - I believe freedom from dealing with chronic sickness and health issues should be a birth right. However, we have more things than ever to consider if we desire a healthy life in our modern-day world. Our children now struggle with conditions the children of 20 years ago did [...]

Candida, A Huge Problem for Many People

2017-08-31T21:24:25+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Candida, A Huge Problem for Many People - In our gut biome, thousands of microbes live in harmony but when this balance is disrupted, innocuous microbes can become a serious problem. One microbe in particular—yeast—is especially troublesome. Many doctors only recognize yeast in the form of nail or toe fungus, as a yeast infection or [...]

A Gut Feeling: How the bacteria within directly affects your health

2017-08-31T22:53:14+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- A Gut Feeling: How the bacteria within directly affects your health - Recently, the human microbiome has become a popular topic in science magazines and other published literature. The microbiome is the reason we are alive and we are just starting to understand how important the bacteria we carry in and on our body [...]

So Wrong for so Long: Cholesterol is Really a Super-Nutrient

2017-08-31T22:54:34+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- So Wrong for so Long: Cholesterol is Really a Super-Nutrient - I regularly talk to clients about cholesterol and I find that many are confused and even deceived about its importance in the human body. Cholesterol is so important that we manufacture it in our body in multiple places, including the liver and small [...]

Wheat’s Role with Inflammation

2017-08-31T23:00:22+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Wheat’s Role with Inflammation - This is a companion article to my Four Reasons we have Inflammation post. Inflammation is such an important subject it requires further discussion. In this article I am going to give you the low-down on the food that causes the most inflammation in the body: wheat. Wheat has been called the [...]

Four Reasons we have Inflammation

2017-08-31T22:58:39+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Four Reasons we have Inflammation - Inflammation is a huge health concern and we are now learning that inflammation is the root cause of many disease processes, including major diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Not all inflammation is bad—it is necessary to initiate wound healing and activate the immune system—but when it [...]

Simple Remedy for the Common Cold

2017-08-31T23:32:12+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Simple Remedy for the Common Cold - There was a time when treatments for illness and disease could be published for the public’s benefit. Sometimes the treatments were valid and worked well, and sometimes they were not so successful. Today it is against the law to promote anything as a treatment that has not [...]

Tooth Decay: A Different Perspective

2017-08-31T23:35:44+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Tooth Decay: A Different Perspective - I have been thinking about tooth decay for quite awhile, and I feel it is time to offer a different perspective. I was taught as a child that cavities were caused by not brushing well enough–that if you brushed often and with meticulous care, you would not get [...]