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- Roundup - In this article, I uncover the chemical burden of using pesticides and how to avoid ingesting these toxic chemicals. Humans. We are beautifully designed biological creatures, along with all the biological creatures of this world. But, for the first time in history, we have a really big problem: manufactured chemicals. Chemicals [...]

Bitters and Bile

2017-10-28T14:21:42+00:00 Diet and Disorders, Supplementation|

- Bitters and Bile -  Humans can survive without a gallbladder, but this organ does much more than we might realize. This article will cover some of the gallbladder’s essential functions, as well as provide recommendations for long-term health of this important, and under-appreciated, organ.  The gallbladder is an organ most people do not give [...]

Amino Acids are the Unsung Heroes of Mental Health

2017-09-02T21:54:41+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Amino Acids are the Unsung Heroes of Mental Health - Mental health issues are rampant today. Could amino acid deficiencies, caused by poor diet, be the reason why? This article will focus on the building blocks of life: amino acids. I have been paying close attention to amino acids for quite a while now [...]

Recipe – French Potato Leek Soup with Salmon and Dill

2017-09-30T11:14:08+00:00 Recipes|

- French Potato Leek Soup with Salmon and Dill - Its deep summer and the veggies are coming on. Leeks are available and so are the potatoes. Why not put them together and create a great soup!  When you make this soup with homemade chicken broth, you really super charge the nutrient value and increase [...]

PPIs, A Cure Worse than the Disease Itself?

2017-09-02T19:01:47+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- PPIs, A Cure Worse than the Disease Itself? - Many people struggle with acid reflux? This all-too common digestive issue is often treated with prescription medication, but long-term healing requires proper nutrition. In this article, I will explain the processes behind reflux and help you understand why drugs are not a good solution. [...]

A Tale of Two Food Systems

2017-08-30T20:53:34+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- A Tale of Two Food Systems - In this article, after returning from a trip to France, I reflect on the remarkable European food system and how the U.S. industrial food system often falls short. Sometimes it takes a trip to another country to gain some perspective about our food system. I’m referring to the quality [...]

Potty Talk – Is Gas & Bloating a Problem?

2017-08-30T20:55:59+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Potty Talk - Is Gas & Bloating a Problem? - Hang tight, this article might make you uncomfortable, but it addresses something many people suffer from but few understand how to address: the health of your interiors. If you or someone you know suffers from gastrointestinal distress, please read on and learn about these real and [...]

Recipe – Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Gai

2017-08-31T19:54:09+00:00 Recipes|

- Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Gai - I can’t get enough of certain types of ethnic foods. My family loves Thai and Middle Eastern, along with anything that is ‘authentic Chinese’. Once you have a taste for these highly complex flavored foods it’s hard to eat bland American foods again! I am sharing [...]

Are You Pressured Up?

2017-08-31T19:24:31+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Are You Pressured Up? - In this article, I discuss high blood pressure, a common problem for many people. New research shows that what we have been told for years—that salt causes hypertension—may not be so accurate. I also offer some workable alternatives to slashing sodium in your diet. High blood pressure (hypertension) is quite common [...]

Recipe – Amazing Steak Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

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- Amazing Steak Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing - I love a good steak salad, especially when the greens come from my own garden. That is not possible right now, since we are a foot deep in snow, but you can always count on the local grocer for a really nice selection of ingredients for a [...]

What’s Wrong with Superfoods?

2017-08-31T20:02:37+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- What's Wrong with Superfoods? - How is it that some of the healthiest foods in the world can be so unhealthy, and even devastatingly destructive for some people? I’m not talking about deadly food allergies, I’m referring to oxalates. These molecules, found in plant foods in varying levels, are usually not a problem for most people, [...]

Oh! but, Grandmother, What Foggy Brains you Have!

2017-09-02T19:25:13+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Oh! but, Grandmother, What Foggy Brains you Have! - Reduced brain function does not have to be a natural part of aging. Certain foods—sugar in particular—can cause damage to our brain’s tissues and speed up cognitive decline, which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. This New Year, I challenge you to reduce [...]

Recipe – Broccoli Chicken with Creamy Cheese Sauce

2017-08-31T20:04:08+00:00 Recipes|

- Broccoli Chicken with Creamy Cheese Sauce - A client and friend of mine passed this recipe on to me a number of years ago, and it has become a family favorite. It is high in fat – good for keeping your energy even, and long lasting. My daughter Amelia has perfected it, and with [...]

Eat Well and Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday

2017-08-31T20:54:41+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- Eat Well and Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday - It is particularly difficult to eat well this time of year. In this article, I share some strategies to prevent over-consumption and holiday weight gain—strategies that will also dramatically reduce your stress! The holiday season is my favorite time of year, but for [...]

Are Food Supplements Really Necessary?

2017-08-31T21:13:49+00:00 Supplementation|

- Are Food Supplements Really Necessary? - Supplementation can cure chronic disease and boost your overall health. Our food supply has fewer nutrients in it now than ever before and many people can benefit from improving their diet with organic, food-based supplements. The supplement business is one of the fastest growing [...]

When Healthy Foods are Not Healthy for You

2017-08-31T21:14:48+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- When Healthy Foods are Not Healthy for You - Both food allergies and food sensitivities can cause big problems but the differences between the two are complicated. In this article I explain the importance of recognizing and addressing food sensitivities, which can lead to a healthy recovery. In my practice, I see plenty of people [...]

Recipe – Avgolemono; Chicken Lemon Soup

2017-08-31T21:20:11+00:00 Recipes|

- Avgolemono; Chicken Lemon Soup - This is my version of Avgolemono, a fabulous summer soup of Greek origin. I’m a huge lover of lemon and chicken together so this dish really speaks to me. It is absolutely delicious! I am unable to tolerate gluten and find in my practice that most of my clients [...]

Big Pharma: A Big Problem

2017-08-31T21:23:18+00:00 Are You Kidding Me?|

- Big Pharma: A Big Problem - Many of us, as patients and consumers, do not understand the details of our anatomy. Our complicated physiology is difficult to understand! Our bodies are complex and, as consumers, we tend to take ignorance or confusion and turn to the “experts” rather than educating ourselves. It is tempting [...]

Autism: A Brain and Gut Connection

2017-08-31T21:21:34+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Autism: A Brain and Gut Connection - I believe freedom from dealing with chronic sickness and health issues should be a birth right. However, we have more things than ever to consider if we desire a healthy life in our modern-day world. Our children now struggle with conditions the children of 20 years ago did [...]

Candida, A Huge Problem for Many People

2017-08-31T21:24:25+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Candida, A Huge Problem for Many People - In our gut biome, thousands of microbes live in harmony but when this balance is disrupted, innocuous microbes can become a serious problem. One microbe in particular—yeast—is especially troublesome. Many doctors only recognize yeast in the form of nail or toe fungus, as a yeast infection or [...]

Nature’s Medicines

2017-08-31T21:25:29+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- Nature's Medicines - Herbs and spices are the original medicines of human beings. Historically, they were used to heal sickness and prevent illness. The benefits of consuming foods made with herbs are too many to count but include: warding off cancer, heart disease and diabetes, improving immune function, fighting colds, keeping our metabolisms functioning properly, [...]

Turmeric, an Ancient Medicine

2017-09-03T09:52:10+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- Turmeric, an Ancient Medicine - In keeping with my theme about the medicinal properties of spices and herbs, this article will provide some information on one of the most important and helpful spices on the planet. If there is a king of spices, turmeric has to be it. Tumeric is popular in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, [...]

Three Important Spices you really Shouldn’t Live Without

2017-08-31T22:31:44+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- Three Important Spices you really Shouldn’t Live Without - Simple and easily available, spices are nature’s medicine. They have been a part of the human experience for millennia. Drugs certainly have a place in our modern society to cure some rare and dangerous diseases but I don’t believe drugs should be used nearly as [...]

Recipe – Avocado Pomegranate Salad with Cumin-lime Dressing

2017-08-31T22:28:31+00:00 Recipes|

- Avocado Pomegranate Salad with Cumin-lime Dressing - This salad is gorgeous, delicious, and refreshing and takes advantage of the abundance of pomegranates available fall through January here in Utah. Pomegranates are high in antioxidants and other nutrients like vitamin A, C, K and B vitamins, along with calcium, potassium, copper and manganese. This salad [...]

Are GMO Foods Destroying our Health?

2017-08-31T22:29:49+00:00 Are You Kidding Me?|

- Are GMO Foods Destroying our Health? - GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are rampant in modern agriculture. Much of our clothing, fuel, food and many of the products we use contain GMO corn, cotton, canola and/or soy. Genetic modifications have been used to create disease and drought-resistant crops that yield greater returns than other crops* [...]

Recipe – Purple Cabbage Sauerkraut

2017-08-31T22:46:45+00:00 Recipes|

- Easy Purple Cabbage Sauerkraut - Keeping a healthy digestive tract depends in part on how diligent you are at putting healthy bacteria back into your gut on a regular basis. Our ancestors fermented many of their foods to preserve them, when refrigeration was nonexistent. Foods that were commonly preserved in this manner included vegetables [...]

A Gut Feeling: How the bacteria within directly affects your health

2017-08-31T22:53:14+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- A Gut Feeling: How the bacteria within directly affects your health - Recently, the human microbiome has become a popular topic in science magazines and other published literature. The microbiome is the reason we are alive and we are just starting to understand how important the bacteria we carry in and on our body [...]

So Wrong for so Long: Cholesterol is Really a Super-Nutrient

2017-08-31T22:54:34+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- So Wrong for so Long: Cholesterol is Really a Super-Nutrient - I regularly talk to clients about cholesterol and I find that many are confused and even deceived about its importance in the human body. Cholesterol is so important that we manufacture it in our body in multiple places, including the liver and small [...]

Recipe – Homemade Mayonnaise

2017-08-31T22:57:15+00:00 Recipes|

- Homemade Mayonnaise - Some of the unhealthiest foods we consume are in the form of condiments. I make this wonderful homemade mayonnaise because I don’t want to eat what is available in the grocery store. Commercial mayonnaise is full of unhealthy oils and other ingredients that can contribute to inflammation and other health issues. [...]

Wheat’s Role with Inflammation

2017-08-31T23:00:22+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Wheat’s Role with Inflammation - This is a companion article to my Four Reasons we have Inflammation post. Inflammation is such an important subject it requires further discussion. In this article I am going to give you the low-down on the food that causes the most inflammation in the body: wheat. Wheat has been called the [...]

Four Reasons we have Inflammation

2017-08-31T22:58:39+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Four Reasons we have Inflammation - Inflammation is a huge health concern and we are now learning that inflammation is the root cause of many disease processes, including major diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Not all inflammation is bad—it is necessary to initiate wound healing and activate the immune system—but when it [...]

Three Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

2017-08-31T23:04:15+00:00 Weight Loss|

- Three Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight - When people find out I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, they often ask me why they cannot seem to lose weight. They are doing all the right things, they think, but the weight is not coming off! When I start asking questions, it often becomes clear that [...]

The Healing Power of Ordinary Foods

2017-08-31T23:03:06+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- The Healing Power of Ordinary Foods - In my practice, I see firsthand the healing benefits of eating nutrient-dense whole foods. I start with a client whose health is declining and begin the detective work, asking question about all aspects of their lives, and in the process gather evidence as to why their health [...]

Recipe – Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

2017-08-31T23:26:12+00:00 Recipes|

- Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes (low carb) - Sometimes we just need some comfort food, and mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, right? But what if you are watching sugar intake? Remember potatoes are high in sugar — one moderately sized potato has as much sugar as a 1/4 cup of white sugar! A really [...]

The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

2017-08-31T23:29:41+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- The Wisdom of Our Ancestors - Many of my clients ask me whom they should rely on for accurate nutrition advice. Navigating the sea of information coming from the media, nutrition professionals, and alternative healthcare providers can be completely overwhelming. Our government publishes its own nutrition advice through the USDA—advice that is often contradicted [...]

Food Additives – At What Cost?

2017-08-31T23:30:52+00:00 Are You Kidding Me?|

- Food Additives – At What Cost? - I have been wanting to write about the importance of choosing foods that are additive-free. Additives include fillers, food dyes, preservatives, and other chemicals added into foods for various reasons. We ingest enormous amounts of these added chemicals in processed foods, but foods considered ‘natural’ like fresh [...]

Simple Remedy for the Common Cold

2017-08-31T23:32:12+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Simple Remedy for the Common Cold - There was a time when treatments for illness and disease could be published for the public’s benefit. Sometimes the treatments were valid and worked well, and sometimes they were not so successful. Today it is against the law to promote anything as a treatment that has not [...]

Tooth Decay: A Different Perspective

2017-08-31T23:35:44+00:00 Diet and Disorders|

- Tooth Decay: A Different Perspective - I have been thinking about tooth decay for quite awhile, and I feel it is time to offer a different perspective. I was taught as a child that cavities were caused by not brushing well enough–that if you brushed often and with meticulous care, you would not get [...]

What People are Saying About Kefir

2017-08-31T23:50:33+00:00 Supplementation|

- What People are Saying about Kefir: Taken from The Body Ecology Diet  - Kefir has many important benefits for the entire body. It completely stops your cravings for sugar. Imagine the benefits! (See my article Sugar is Not Your Friend.) It aids digestion of all foods and has a toning effect on the intestines, [...]

The Link between Hormones and Weight: a Rat Study

2017-08-31T23:49:20+00:00 Weight Loss|

- The Link between Hormones and Weight: A Rat Study - In the 1970’s, scientists decided to do research on the interaction between hormones, appetite, and weight. Using rats for their study, they surgically removed the ovaries from female rats to see what would result. The result was that the rats became ravenously hungry and [...]

The AMA’s Outrageous 1995 Edict – Fat Will Make you Fat!

2017-08-31T23:43:41+00:00 Are You Kidding Me?|

- The AMA’s Outrageous 1995 Edict – Fat Will Make you Fat! - The height of absurdity regarding the topic of fats occurred when the American Medical Association (1995) released a pamphlet suggesting that humans can eat anything, including sugar, candy, soda, etc. as long as it was low in fat. “To control the amount and kind [...]

Real Nutrition vs. Political Nutrition

2017-08-31T23:53:31+00:00 Healthy Eating|

- Real Nutrition vs. Political Nutrition - Some of us don’t know the difference between real nutrition and political nutrition. What really feeds and nourishes the human body? Trying to find real answers can be discouraging. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation that has been accepted in our culture as truth. My daughter has [...]